Thursday, March 19, 2009

Facebook Fan Page

At UAT, I created, launched and maintained the Fan Page for the university. For a full length screen shot, contact me here. Since taking over UAT's Social Media, our following on Facebook has grown from 90 to 345 people.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fish Window Cleaning

The Fish Banner Ad was used on the O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce website.

Art, Wine and Brew Gala Promotional Banner Ads

These banner ads rotated on the O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce website to promote the upcoming event. They were in rotation back to back and were followed by sponsor ads.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Jace's Story

At a young age, Jace Akridge’s parents were informed that Jace was on the Autism Spectrum. This means that Jace has a type of Autism. Jace’s case is mild, but he still is in need of help with focusing and learning.

The Akridge’s wanted to make sure that Jace had the same chances to participate in sports as other children his age, and in a program where he would be incorporated into every activity and not just pushed aside because the coach did not want to take the extra time to work with him.
After a little searching they decided that the YMCA, a place with Christian principles and ideas, would be the place for Jace.

In the spring of 2006, Jace started his first soccer class. It was early afternoon and here he came running around the side of the building with his soccer shorts, shoes, shin-guards and the brightest smile this world has seen. Over the next six weeks Jace grew in many ways. He became even more outgoing. He learned how to work with others his age as they enjoyed soccer together. But most importantly he grew as a person. Jace’s dad would come after the start practice, and Jace would want to show his dad all he could do. Jace was proud that his parents would come and watch him play soccer every week.

The Akridge’s proudest moment, though, was when Jace received his soccer medal at his awards ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Akridge knew that their decision to participate in the YMCA sports program was one of the best ways to help Jace. Jace recently enrolled in the 4-year-old basketball program. He was more excited to play than before. Jace’s face would light up more every time he would score a basket with the same smile he came around the corner of the building almost a year ago.

This was written for the O'Fallon Family YMCA Links. Links is a newsletter written for members and employees.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bomb-itty of Errors

6146-Rep – Bomb-itty
DATE: 10/15/2007
CLIENT: Repertory Theater
LENGTH: 30 sec.
TALENT: Troy Duran


Join KMOX and the Repertory Theatre for the Off Ramp Series Production of The Bomb-itty of Errors. Preformed at the Grandel Theatre in Midtown St. Louis’ Grand Center, Bomb-itty runs November 14th through December 9th. You’ve never seen Shakespeare like this before as the boys from Syracuse meets the Beastie Boys. A D-J and four insanely talented actors spin comic gold to give The Comedy of Errors a raucous beat. Tickets are available now, or win a pair from KMOX. Log onto KMOX dot com and register for your chance to see The Bomb-itty of Errors. For details, visit KMOX dot com.

Turkey Day Game

6083 Turkey HTV
DATE: November 8, 2007
CLIENT: Bread Co and Kaldi’s
DATES: 11/12/07-11/19/07
TALENT: Troy Duran


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and in celebration of the Kirkwood / Webster Groves Turkey Day Game’s 100th Anniversary join us for two special live broadcasts of the KMOX Hometown Voices Tour. Have some breakfast with Doug McElvein, Debbie Monterrey, and Ron Jacober on Tuesday, November 20th at the St. Louis Bread Company in Webster Groves and on Wednesday, November 21st at Kaldi’s Coffee House in kirkwood between 5 and 9 AM each day. For complete details, visit KMOX dot com.

Dave – Bringing our family to yours…the KMOX hometown voices tour in Kirkwood and webster Groves is Sponsored by the Webster/Kirkwood Times, Mosby Building Arts architecture and remodelers and KMOX.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trader Joe's Spec. Magazine Advertisements

The print ads will be put in magazines such as Rock and Ice, Budget Travel, and Total Health. These magazines were chosen because the target market of Trader Joe’s is adventurous, health conscience and enjoys travel.

The above advertisement showcases the Charles Shaw wine sold exclusively at Trader Joe's.

The above advertisement is meant to catch the attention of those who enjoy adventure. It pulls in the idea that every trip to Trader Joe's carries its own adventure.